In just seven short years, Afterpay has grown from a simple idea to a game-changing global payments leader with 16.2m customers.

At the heart of Afterpay's success is its preferred cashless, credit-free lifestyle payment platform that enables consumers to buy now and pay later - without incurring debt or compounding interest. Afterpay is completely free for customers who pay on time, allowing them to access the things they want and need while still maintaining financial wellness and control.

Afterpay also takes a unique approach to late payments. If customers miss a payment, they won’t be able to use Afterpay until their payments are up to date. Late payment fees are charged (only applied for the US market) and can accumulate over time. Customers are never forced into revolving debt. 

This approach is part of Afterpay's belief in a more accessible world, in which people are rewarded for doing the right thing, and an economy where everyone wins.


Afterpay was developed to meet customer needs, and we champion customers’ best interests when it comes to making purchases. 

A budgeting tool

Many customers use Afterpay as a budgeting tool, as it splits their payments over four instalments. Customers can manage their payments through the app or online at, and pay nothing extra to spread their payments or pay off early. 

We are a new way to pay

Afterpay makes purchasing more convenient. We enable customers to access the things they want, when they want them.

We encourage responsible spending

We send payment reminders via SMS and email, and apply personal order and account limits.