Authenticity Guarantee 

Each of our items go through a rigorous authentication process through Entrupy's Luxury Authentication solution, a state-of-the-art authentication service that combines both AI software and professional authenticators to review each item.

By using an objective, scientifically-proven approach, this service ensures that each purchase made through my store has been certified authentic. Multiple factors are taken into consideration, including--but not limited to--stitching, certificates, serial numbers, date codes, hardware, style number, quality, and other unique identifiers. 

Customers will receive a certificate of financial guarantee and authenticity that is backed by the Entrupy when requested upon checkout.

Learn more about Entrupy here:  Authenticity Guarantee

Your trust is of the utmost importance and I aim to gain and maintain this level of trust while creating a reputable shop for authenticated luxury pieces. ~ Vicki

SoHo Luxury Exchange LLC is an Entrupy Verified Business. 


Former Louis Vuitton Store Manager, Cols OH - Annah Burris

September 1, 2022

"I recently purchased a pre-owned purse from SoHo Luxury Exchange. I didn't have to worry because of the detail in their authentication process. I DO NOT want to worry that I might be purchasing a forgery. I felt confident knowing that my bag was authenticated and certified with a financial guarantee by Entrupy, advanced AI technology. Every day, I’m surprised by how easy it is to get tricked online by counterfeits. The certificate follows the bag wherever it goes, just like the provenance on a work of fine art.”