Consignment -and- Buyouts

 Reasons to Sell With Us 
  1. Low Fees 
    • 20% fee for consigned items priced over $3500.
    • 30% fee for consigned items priced over $1500.
    • 40% fee for consigned items priced over $500
    • 50% fee for consigned items priced under $500
  2. Trusted You are working with personal, trusted experts of over 10 years in the resale trade. See our 5 star customer service ratings and reviews. 
  3. Quick Quotes and Payments  All consignment terms and price quotes are provided via text or email within 24 hours of request. We issue payments the day your item sell, by Check, Paypal, or Zelle. Unsold items are returned at the Seller's request and expense unless an outright purchase offer is agreed upon at the end of the 60 day period.   
  4. Hassel Free Provide us with the most accurate details of your items for consignment and receive a pre-paid mailing label from us upon approval if residing outside the Columbus, Ohio area. Confirmation of delivery is given immediately following receipt of the items. 
  5. Avoid Scams Competitors may tell you consigning isn't a safe way to sell your luxury items, or that prices will be dropped continuously to keep inventory moving, but these are simply scare tactics. Facts are just the opposite - it's safer and worth the wait for payouts within 60 days when the amount you make increases dramatically. There is no set up fee for consigning. You can rest assured the item you are buying has been consigned by its rightful owner and hasn't been sold as a result of theft for quick cash. We pay the full amount of your price quote - day of sale - when during a 60 day consignment agreement period. 



We think of "Consignment" as like a "loan" but realize it is not for everyone. Buyouts are approximately 10% less than consigning and require the receipt or proof of purchase. Payments are issued within 48 hours of receipt of item or 2 business days via Zelle, Check, or Paypal. Contact us for a quote today!