How Selling With SoHo Benefits You 

Up To 80% Splits 

    • 50% splits for items priced below $500

    • 60% splits for items priced $500.+

    • 70% splits for items priced $1500.+

    • 80% splits for items priced $3500.+


  1.  When you visit in-store or online, you are working with personal, trusted experts of over 10 years in the resale trade with 5 star customer service ratings and reviews. 
  2. We promise a free, fixed price quote in writing with consignment terms prior to selling pre-owned items. Offering you a fixed amount upon sale rather than buying outright for a much lessor amount reduces overhead costs immensely and passes along higher profits to you.
  3. Drop off + go services available during store hours. No waiting! Text photos to (614) 886-9190 for price quotes. Mail services available for non-local consignors.
  4. Short term consignment period of 60 days with NO FEES. When an item sells, the consignor is notified the day of (via text or email). A check can be mailed or funds may be picked up. Unsold items may be picked-up or shipped back to out-of- state consignors within 10 days of the expiration of consignment period. Terms may also be re-negotiated in writing. 
  5. Competitors may tell you consigning isn't a safe or simple way to sell your luxury items, or that prices will be dropped continuously to keep inventory moving, but these are simply scare tactics. Facts are just the opposite - it's safer and worth the wait for cash when the amount you make increases dramatically. There are NO FEES for consigning. You can rest assured the item you are buying has been consigned by its rightful owner and hasn't been sold as a result of theft for quick cash. We pay the full amount of your price quote when your items sells within the 60 day consignment agreement period. 

In Demand Labels

(But not limited to)

Alexander McQueen - Bottega Veneta - Bvlgari - Cartier - Celine - Chanel - Chloe - Dior - Fendi - Givenchy - Goyard - Gucci - Hammitt - Hermes - - Lagos - Louis Vuitton - Prada - Saint Laurent- Tom Ford - Valentino